As the weather turns we are all imagining getting away to better climates and for the more adventurous of us taking our bike with us to discover new roads and scenery. The difficulty is always going to be the amount of stuff to pack and, safe undamaged transport of your most precious item, the bike.

Mindful of Rule #11 the bike comes first so don’t take any chances when packing it, whether a trip domestic or abroad it makes sense to pack wisely.

If you don’t want the size, bulk and sometimes expense of a hard case and would prefer something altogether more manageable for transporting then AeroComfort 2 offers what you need.

It is nearly 3kg lighter than the lightest hard case, easy to use with a neat bike position. Opening the bag there is a base, reinforced aluminium frame which the bike attaches to. The wheels fit simply into padded side pockets and aside from removing the pedals, the saddle and handlebars can remain. There are general pads, saddle cover, derailleur protector and numerous fastening to hold everything together.

Aerocomfort TSA

With these bags there is always the worry of an over complicated process or having to dismantle your handlebars but with this one not at all. Scicon have even provided a video explaining the entire thing, which should take c. 5 minutes from start to finish, I take this long sorting my car bike rack!


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