At ProBikeKit we strive to bring you the best products available that will (hopefully) enable you to realise your maximum potential. We research, test and review all of our products and sometimes hard decisions have to be made as to what we can and can’t include in the PBK ranges. Tough decisions that are not taken lightly! We always try to find new products from a variety of sources and are always looking to explore new markets and technologies.

Imagine my surprise whilst out on lunch, when I stumbled across a ‘fitness product’ that harks back to a golden age of health and well being. A time when nutrition meant a cup of tea before setting out on the ride and a warm up was the stretch to pull on your socks.

I was wowed by the amazing properties of …’The Sauna Suit’.


The key selling points apart form the £2.99 price tag, were that it is used for weight loss and conditioning by (wait for it) professional athletes. You lose weight apparently by burning more fuel and sweating out lots of water that then helps you rid your body of toxins.  “If used with care, it can be a great addition to any one’s workout routine” say the manufacturers. Key features include; elasticated cuffs to retain heat and because it’s a two piece suit, I imagine you have the option to wear the top or bottoms on their own.

Now the list of cautionary advice is too much to write, but needless to say the words ‘naked and flame’ were fairly prominent!

Being the loyal employee that I am I purchased the suit and returned to the office to demonstrate its superior fitness qualities for the rest of my bemused colleagues.

I can confirm that the tight cuffs and neck are restrictive and also induce the sort of panic only equalled when you put that plastic bag over your head because your mum told you not too. The fit is a mixture of relaxed and tight, depending on the length of time spent in there and at no time did I want to do anything other than stay calm!

Just to prove we test everything, here is a picture of me on one of our ‘Evil’ Singlespeed bikes. Everything but the hair is real!


If you find any more products of this nature you think we should know about at PBK, put them on the blog and we’ll do our best to consider them in the range!



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