A hectic weekend awaits the PBK team with a 24 hour race looming large on the horizon. One of the must haves on our equipment list is plenty of chamois cream/embrocation which can make or break a ride. It has also timed nicely with the arrival of the Sportique range of lotions and potions which have impressed us all especially on the first glimpse of the packaging.

But these creams have more than just a smart label.

Sportique sports balms and lotions

The Get Going Cream is perfect when heading out and pre-race for getting some much needed and important heat into the muscles. This plus a set of rollers should do the trick.

Product blurb: “Invigorates your muscles, increases blood circulation, and prepares your body for the strain to come. Just as important as properly stretching, our formulation of essential oils will safely and naturally produce long-lasting warmth and stimulation of any muscle group it is applied topically to.”

“Formulated to counteract fatigue and help physical recovery.”

“Application will help accelerate local blood circulation and general toning”

If you’re regularly clocking up big rides, this cream certainly has the right name for the job. The Century Riding Cream can be used as regular chamois cream and applied before riding.

“Helps to prevent damaging friction irritations before they begin. This balanced blend of botanicals helps your skin repair itself after damage, but more importantly prevents long term friction irritations before they start.”

Tip from Fatty: put on fresh clean socks for trouble free feet.

Greenies will be pleased to hear all of Sportique’s products are free of petroleum, animal by-products, colours, harsh chemicals and synthetic preservatives.

Also in the range is Road Rash Remedy which can help to keep minor injuries, scrapes and bruises out of the way. It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and has healing properties, which provide a non-medical and all-natural alternative for scrapes, small abrasions and cuts.

Don’t forget the post-ride Massage Oil and Elements Cream for those hard cold winter rides.

Also at PBK we stock our own chamois crème designed and formulated by Morgan Blue – a name you have may not have heard, particularly if you are not a professional cyclist. However Morgan Blue is THE name in the Pro peloton. The company’s reputation is so good, many teams buy MB products instead of using those provided by their sponsors.

  • Scientifically designed and tested, its ingredients help to prevent bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Each tub contains 200ml.
  • By putting a thin layer on after washing and just before you ride you can expect a much more comfortable ride!
  • The crème is packaged in a durable thick plastic tub with a screw top lid and re-usable sealing cap.

Another option while riding is to carry around sachets of cream with you. The Chamois Butt’r brand make these handy packets and are a good way to give some cream a go.

  • You can easily take several of them on rides and re-apply.
  • Non-greasy skin lubricant that improves riding comfort.
  • Washes off your skin and out of your shorts easily with soap and water.
  • 9ml sachet.

At PBK we have a massive range of creams, balms and oils. Click here to have a look.




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