It’s one of the most hotly contested debates around cycling at the moment: to ride with or without music. You’re all grown up enough to make up your own mind on the matter and as there are still some of you out there who don’t wear a helmet, we’ll always have differences of opinion where cycling safety and personal choice is concerned.

The fact of the matter is that people do ride with music and most seem sensible enough to know when it is and isn’t suitable. As there still isn’t legislation in the UK to make the wearing of helmets a legal obligation, it would appear that banning the use of music whilst riding is a long way off.

We all must have benefited from our ipods whilst on the gruelling turbo sessions and few could surely argue that training becomes less of a chore if we have our favourite tunes to keep us motivated?

One problem that can be brutally painful however is when you have your ipod on shuffle and just as you’re reaching the end of your savage sprint session, Rage Against The Machine suddenly merges with that Maria Carey track you somehow downloaded after too many glasses of red! Ouch!

So, as we all love a good tune, I wanted to get a feel for the sorts of music that we are listening to, either whilst riding, on the trainer or as part of your pre-race motivation.

Once we get your favourite tracks, we’ll create a ‘ProBikeKit play list’ for you, a soundtrack to your cycling to have a look at it and who knows, you might just see something you like!

So get thinking and let’s create a play list that even Simon Cowell couldn’t argue with….

Post your tracks in the comments below.



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