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History of the Brand

Inspired by professional cycling family member Adriano Pella and with vast experience in fabrics and production, the Pella Sportswear business was founded in 1980. The family run business has continued to evolve and now boasts global exports accounting for 80% of turnover.

The foundations of the business have been built on producing the very best quality 100% made in Italy cycle clothing. Pella pride themselves on fabric innovation, manufacturing technology and most recently their environmentally friendly production.

With many of Pella’s competitors turning to outsourcing production out of Italy, the business has invested in more advanced production and technology to remain competitive while retaining their ‘Pure Made in Italy since 1980’ slogan.

Their recent focus on environmentally friendly products is often an area over looked but with many brands still using solvent based inks for printing and fabrics with limited certification there are many unknowns on the long-term affects to the users. Pella use only water based inks, although this makes them less efficient due to increased drying time. The inks guaranteed under the REACH certify no health effects for workers or consumers. Furthermore all fabrics used in Pella products are certified under the OEKO-TEX to provide a guarantee to fabrics that they are both fit for use but also free of any harmful substances.

The expertise and close working relationships with large brands has provided an opportunity for Pella to develop license agreements with some of the largest companies in Europe. Pella are now the leading supplier of licensed branded cycling clothing and through browsing the cycling range you will quickly recognise some of these important brands.


The future

Pella are committed to the future with their intensive R&D program for cycling clothing which has helped them bring some market leading innovations. Notably the Skyve Pro pad, a cycling pad developed with Skiving technology to eliminate any surface steps but most importantly the patented fabric technology that provides anti inflammatory properties to the wearer.

The Pella Sportswear trademark has become synonymous with guaranteed quality, loyalty and reliability while the mission is and will always be client orientated –

‘Our client’s satisfaction is our satisfaction’

Their clothing offers unique eye catching designs and introduces a standalone concept. Acquiring the licensing agreement to use Italian beers, foods and Legends as their designs creates a stand out range of clothing. The bright bold text and colouring makes gives it a distinctive style and take on cycle clothing.



Pella Aperol

Pella Aperol –Aperol

This cycling jersey is based on the quite famous Italian aperitif made from bitter orange, gentian, rhubarb, and cinchona among other ingredients, which they have re-created into a vibrant exciting cycling jersey, this is bright and fun with all the key features you would want from a jersey, such as a ¾ invisible zip, back pockets and breathable fabric. Don’t forget to teem them with a matching pair of shorts.


Pella Cinzano – Italian brand of Vermouth

It’s all about being part of the team, if you didn’t know, Cinzano was a pro team who raced in the 1970’s and 80’s and also become well known for the film creation “breaking away” and now with the unique licensing agreement with Cinzano, Pella are able to offer this exciting and rare retro vintage jersey.


Pella Cynar is an Italian bitter liqueur

If you want to go back in time to the 1960’s then take a look at this jersey that Pella has produced – a stunning woolen garment. Having being tried tested in the extreme mountain conditions of the Swiss Alps and competing in the Giro d Italia, it is sure to be oozing with quality and excellence. The name Cynar comes from the Italian liquor which comes from the vegetable artichoke and has been teemed together with the distinctive brand to create this unique sportswear.


Pella Edelweiss




Pella Edelweiss – A wheat beer.

Strong and passionate about the history of some of the best rides in the world, they have celebrated one famous man Luigi Malabrocca, who rode for Edelweiss in the 1940’s, this man is the only rider to win the notorious black jersey twice! The black jersey could only be ‘won’ by the last ranked ‘Tour of Italy’ rider. The jersey became quite famous because of the rivalry between two riders in particular, Luigi Malabrocca and Sante Carollo. In the effort to win the jersey it became quite a comedy as they hid in bars, barns and fabricated mechanical’s to try and loose as much time as possible. In memory the jersey has been re-created.








Pella – La Mitica,

La mitica

The la Mitica was brought to us by two very special people called Fausto Coppi and Pellizza Volpedo who decided to organise a cycle ride that was none- competitive so that all people of all ages and abilities could ride and enjoy the best tracks and roads in the world. Their passion of the bicycle and knowledge of the area could bring magic to a ride, enabling others to appreciate and experience the beauty of varied and unspoilt countryside. This clean, classic jersey was produced in honour of the two and the journey they have taken us on and continue to do so.





Menabrea Birra

Pella Menabrea Birra- Italian beer

Menabrea Birra is a High quality premium traditional beer. Whist during its 160 years of production this Italian beer has won many awards. All the very best and carefully selected ingredients are chosen to make this hand crafted beer. Teem this with a high quality garment and you have the perfect combination.



Pella Novi Più Cioccolato – Chocolate

Novi Chocolate may not be famous here in the UK although it is something quite special in Italy, the hazelnuts in which they are made from are only found in the province of Piemonte. Famous for its unique taste it has made it into Pella’s range, to create this tasteful and mouth-watering jersey. (pun intended)



Pella Cynar Team Replica Woolen Bib Shorts – Black

These classic black woolen bib shorts are the perfect shorts to go with the wardrobe of stunning cycling jerseys Pella have to offer in this collection. With all the technical features supporting them they are a ideal choice for even the most demanding cyclist.



The Full Range is undoubted one that will steal some admiringly looks amongst friends.



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