Here’s the last few video’s from the racing in Guadeloupe and Martinique.

They’ve been up on YouTube for a few days and now made there way over here now.

The final video from the racing’s here. A four stage even, team time trial, and 3 road stages. This one was held n the tropical climate of Martinique. Where things went well then turned a bit poor and finished on a great high. A good bit of team work pulled what could have easily been a poor day in to a great one.

The other 2 video’s are here to give you an idea of what we did when not spending time in the saddle and to give you a better idea of the area the team stayed at in Guadeloupe. Don’t expect your usual hotels of B and B. Non of that on this trip.

Here’s the video focusing on racing in Martinique. Missing that sun and heat already, just not the bloody mosquitoes. Now who could miss them savage buggers.

Next ups our little afternoon out at a rum distillery. Want to see a french guy who’s a bit of a wine know all get a little shock from the Martinique treat, watch this.  I know there’s not a lot of bike related stuff in this video but sometimes you’ve got to just take in the local sights.

And last but by no means least is the last video from Guadeloupe. Here we have an insight in to Guadeloupe, as I’ve said we didn’t stay in any lovely hotel or in the touristy are for easy of getting to the race, but we sure did get to know the real Guadeloupe.



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