The northern hemisphere is in full on race mode at the minute. We have the Giro and TOC entertaining us right through the day and to say it’s been exciting is an understatement.

Racing at any sort of level requires some basic nutrition knowledge. Even keeping it as simple as having dilute sugars pre-race, sugar in the race and protein recovery afterwards will put you in good stead to perform well and should hopefully prevent you from becoming run down and more susceptible to colds and infections.

Powerbar have a whole heap of product and supplements available which we’ll have a look at.

First up, and for use in the run up and during your race is the Energize powder:

In 3 flavours it’s sure to please even the most picky palate, and the tubs are just the right size for carting around to races. Powerbar’s sugar is in the form of a special C2 MAX mix which consists of glucose and fructose which has been proven to increase performance whilst exercising. By having a carefully selected ratio the absorption of the sugars is increased and your performance is at its best.

Also in there are amino acids (muscle building blocks) and vitamins and minerals. The amino acids will help to repair any muscle damage done while racing (though not to the extent of a proper protein recovery drink). VitC will help to reduce free radical damage and also the electrolytes will keep your body in check.

10 servings in a tub (there should be 11 but taking spillages into account!) costing just over £6 makes it a cost effective way of powering over that rise or going for the line.

Use a bit more diluted for sipping while travelling to the race and then use at full strength during.

Usefully Powerbar also sell larger sachet bags of the powder to top your tubs up – click here to view.

For an extra kick during a race, and on longer rides these Shots are the ideal boost:

I’ve been using the lemon flavoured ones for a while now. The best way to describe them is as goo filled jelly babies – i.e. very nice! They contain plenty of sugar and the packet can be re-sealed so that they don’t end up distributed around your rear pockets.

Again, as well as the sugar boost they contain vitamin C and a touch of salt to keep you sane. Note that because they are so sugary you will need to balance these out with some fluid.

Post-ride you need to fluids to recover your torn and empty muscles. There is said to be a golden window of 30 mins after the race to take on suitable food.

This Recovery powder has a mix of protein and sugars to help repair and ‘re-fill’ your muscles after a tough ride.

Powerbar’s protein comes in their unique Trisource protein – from 3 different sources to try and ensure maximum absorption and usage. In tasty chocolate flavour there isn’t much not to like about it.

As with the rest of the range it has vitamins and minerals in to keep your delicate systems running well, the glutamine is especially good for your immune system – right at the point when your body is at its weakest.

These would be my three race day essentials, if you prefer gels, or prefer to eat some ‘actual’ food while riding have a look at the powergels or the NATURAL bars for some chewable food – available here.

Can’t promise you’ll look as cool as this but race-day nutrition is important if you want to perform at your best. Check out for the latest deals along with the new products and brands.

Finding your ideal flavour can take a couple of tries, but once sorted you’ll notice the benefits. Get in touch with us if you want to find out more about any of our products.



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