The 2010-2011 season PBK Team Kit has finally arrived just in time for the Tour de France and the British summer and although the look is similar, we have moved the goalposts with the design and manufacture. The quality and design of the PBK Team Kit outshines most team kits on the market (at any price) and some of the design specifications leave others wanting. Before you say it yes, we are a touch biased here, but when you put your heart and soul into the design and development of something like this, you can’t help it! Also, we know that our reputation means we can’t offer you anything sub standard either, so you can rest assured it’s top quality!

Aero Jersey: This brand new short sleeved jersey is ideal for flap free low drag racing. This second skin fitted jersey in a supportive MOA exclusive Lycra offers a degree of compression to reduce muscle fatigue and has special mesh side panels and nape section to help control the airflow therefore reducing drag. This makes you more aero and also actively aids cooling. The Aero Jersey still has 3 easy access rear pockets and a hidden full length zip, as demanded by our racing team!

Chris (4th Cat and Proud) on the Aero jersey: “It has been designed specifically for racing and fast training. The cut of the jersey is figure-hugging and the sleeves are Lycra to prevent any annoying flapping in the wind. There are mesh panels up the sides and at the top of the neck. After testing it out on a ride at the end of a muggy, warm day, these honestly do a good job of dissipating some of the heat and sweat to keep you comfortable and more focused on the road ahead.”

Bib Short: The Aero Jersey is something for the racers, but the bib short is perhaps the best piece of the 2010/2011 range. They are suitable for all, from racers to sportive riders and no wishy washy prints here! The shorts are made from hard wearing, muscle supporting, Power Lycra with an additional ultra high wear resistant crotch area. The logos are super stretch heat stable silicon prints (allowing Power Lycra to be used for the whole short). We then use a printed Lycra power band instead of the cheaper leg grippers found on most team items! The power band provides extra comfort and support without chaffing, there is a super cool mesh upper and we even include a radio pocket! Race radio or MP3 player the choice is yours, (but please ride responsibly). A firm and supportive anti bacterial pad finishes off a very high spec short.

Chris on the Bib Short
“These are some of the best racing bibs I’ve worn. After just a few pedal strokes the power-band leg grippers find their position and then stay there with a re-assuring amount of compression – not once after this did I notice them. They also look great! The pad has proved comfy so far, it’s plenty wide enough and light-weight.”

Team Gilet: Again after lots of feed back from team riders and customers we bring you not one but two Gilets. A gilet really is an essential piece in any cyclists’ wardrobe and as such, we put lots of effort into their design. The Summer Gilet has a lightweight windproof front with a full mesh back. Designed for racing, protection on alpine descents and just those cool morning/evening rides where you may get caught out! It offers chest protection and great breathability in a garment that can easily be stowed in a jersey pocket (we still managed to squeeze some reflex on though!!) The Winter Gilet is made from a heavy weight windproof fabric called ‘Mantovent’ and has been treated to offer very good water protection, (the seams aren’t sealed though) so it should protect you from showers and misty rides. It features 3 rear pockets and again some reflex detailing, which are ideal for days when you need some good upper body protection, but don’t want a sweaty jacket on. I’m thinking damp cold races, long early season sportives or cold dry training days.

Chris on the Gilet: “One of my favourite pieces of kit. I wear a gilet in all conditions purely as a wind break on descents and don’t seem to notice much extra warmth on the way up. It also keeps everything in your back jersey pockets stable and rattle free – priceless! Whether you’re training, riding to a race, warming up, the windproof front and back cater for persistent downpours. Again, I hope I can’t test the winter gilet for a while! When racing, a good gilet won’t make itself noticed. If you really get too hot, they also fold up nice and small.”

Winter Jacket: We haven’t changed a thing here, as we feel that we got this piece right first time (just a graphic change). Our Manto Winter Jacket has been a long term favourite with racers and real cyclists and the small design additions makes this jacket far exceed other similar offerings (even at higher prices). The Addition of the Lycra cuffs, stretch sides and double collar, its ability to shrug off a shower and the excellent Manto fabrics unique blend of warmth/windproofness make this a winner. Ever conscious of safety, we have incorporated reflective piping to help a little with poor light and night visibility.

Chris on the winter jacket: “We’ll hopefully have to wait a long long time to test its performance in sub-zero conditions, but I can tell you that the fabrics in this jacket are top notch. The front panels are breathable, water and wind proof while the interior is brushed thermal fleece like the L/S jersey to keep you cosy. The jacket also has a high collar and Lycra cuffs to keep drafts out and warmth in. If you need a winter jacket, do take a serious look at this.”

Training Jersey: The Training Jersey is actually the same cut and material as last years Race Jersey just with a full hidden zipper. It is a great piece and very cool despite peoples preconceptions of black. It’s very comfortable and an essential for every fan of PBK. Great training and race wear especially for those of us with a less than gaunt figure.

Chris on the Training Jersey: “Slightly more relaxed though I was surprised at how well fitting it was. I know we’re bound to be a touch biased, but I really mean this, I certainly wouldn’t be ashamed to go racing in it and the extra comfort will be welcome on longer rides.”

There is also a ‘Little Snow’ Winter Jersey which is ideal for pre race warm ups or can be used with the winter gilet for cool weather and long days out in the saddle. Pull on mitts and you have the complete look. There are more items to come as well, including Winter Tights (again silicon printed), Team Skinsuits (but check out the plain skinsuit on the site now) and TT Overshoes.

There’s never been a better time to get kitted out and join the biggest cycling team in the world. Whether you want to go for the full PBK Team look or compliment your wardrobe with the addition of a piece of PBK Team kit, there will be something for everyone. Don’t forget to send us pictures of you in your team kit, so we can share them with your global team mates!



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