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With Daylight Saving Time just around the corner, now is the best time to invest in your own safety. Don’t let those darker, shorter evenings put you off a ride – with our Niterider lights and bundles range, you can keep well-illuminated to your surroundings, and see what’s approaching you. Guaranteeing quality, here’s a quick run-down of our Niterider range, plus the chance to win some of these lights!

Lumina Oled

Niterider Lumina OLED

The Lumina OLED range comes with two handy differences – one is 600 lumens, and the other is 800. This means that the Lumina OLED 800 is the more powerful light, more visible to the human eye; however, the Lumina OLED 600 is not to be sniffed at, as it is still a hugely powerful light. Even better, on both you can adjust the amount of lumens used – ensuring that if you need it to last on a longer rider, you have control of your battery. With the multifunctional digital display screen, you can see this precise breakdown of battery time as a percentage and as an actual time, to help you plan your ride – an innovative step forward spearheaded by Niterider. A lightweight piece of kit, the Lumina OLED is guaranteed to keep those dark nights bright!


Niterider Sentinel 40 Rear Light

We have been truly impressed by this piece of kit here at ProBikeKit – the Sentinel 40 Rear Light has a brand new feature, called Laser Lanes. It’s as futuristic as it sounds – the light shoots out lasers on the ground to mark out your own virtual lane. This feature works really well, alerting other motorists to not impinge on your space – vital for those rides in the dark. By marking out your lanes, it helps keep you steady if in doubt over turns in the road, and makes you feel like a character in an 80s Sci-fi film! As well as all that, it has a powerful 2 watt LED, 5 modes and is USB rechargeable. A piece of kit well worth the low price!



Niterider Pro Pro 3600 Enduro Light

Our Pro range comes with massive Lumen output – from the Pro 1400 Race Light, to the Pro 3600 DIY light and the Pro 3600 Endurance light. Firstly, the Pro 1400 Race Light – thought the smaller light output of the group, this is a very versatile front light. It comes at a small size and weight, which does not affect it’s performance – it remains very durable and versatile. Able to be mounted on your helmet, it’s run time can go up to nearly 33hrs, if used on the lowest setting – even on the highest it lasts a great 2hrs. With a short charging time, this really is a piece of kit worthy of any professional, at a very reasonable price.

The Pro 3600 DIY light is one of the brightest lights ever constructed, using Cree LEDs to achieve incredible results! The name ‘DIY’ comes through your ability to customise the light to your ride, using the Niterider unique DIY software. With a remote switch and the ability to dial in your own settings, it’s no wonder that this is the choice of light for so many professional cyclists. The Pro 3600 Enduro Remote light takes the brightness of the DIY light and puts it into a more streamlined package – keeping the huge Lumen output, dual beam and adjustable brightness settings. Two incredibly good lights which will guarantee you are seen by all when on any late night or early morning rides!


-Incredibly high Lumen output available

-Lightweight and easy to adjust to the bike

-Innovative new technology and user-friendly settings!

-Wide range of lights to fit your specific needs

We can’t recommend the Niterider range enough!




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