Armed with new features the Time Iclic range has been redesigned for 2013. The Xpresso which will replace the iClic 2, retains the retention mechanism whilst providing a stainless steel wear plate to improve the durability and rejigged the carbon fibre leaf spring, making it longer and omitting any bolts that require to be loosened. The cleat to pedal surface has also increased providing the rider with better power transfer, encouraging a much smoother ride.

The top of the line model, the Xpresso 12 Titan Carbon features a hollow titanium axle and carbon fibre body with a flexible carbon blade. The pedal platform has been oversized at 700 mm2 with an interchangeable aluminium plate. For those that like the mathematical details of a pedal of this cost (RRP £224.99) the pedals Bioposition concept- minimal distance from sole to pedal axle is 14.4mm, has an angular float of +/-5 degrees and lateral float of 2.5mm, the release angle is 15 degrees.

For those that see all of the above as numbers then in plain English this is a great pedal for those that suffer from knee, hip or ankle problems as they are easy to adjust to get the fit right and the release angle means you don’t have to twist as much to release your foot.

The most important bit of information to some though is the weight. The previous model Iclic 2 Titan weighed 175g/pair and the elegant new design of the Xpresso 12 Titan will you save 20grams, weighing the pair at 155g.

The Time Xpresso 2, 4, 6 and 8 all offer the same platform width and concepts of the Xpresso 12 but the material of the pedal, weight and cost will change depending on the model.

Xpresso 2 – Made with a steel axle and composite body with flexible composite blade. Weight: 220g/pair and RRP £42.99

Xpresso 4 – Made with a steel axle and composite body with a flexible carbon blade. Weight 224g/pair and RRP £59.99

Xpresso 6 – Made with a steel axle and composite body with a flexible carbon blade. Weight 205g and RRP £84.99

Xpresso 8 Carbon – Made with a hollow steel axle and carbon body with a flexible carbon blade. Weight 195g/pair and RRP £124.99.


Time has also revamped the ATAC pedals used for mountain biking and cyclocross too. Although they still obtain the well proven twin stainless steel retention layout the top three models in the range have a more compact body which saves weight and improves mud and snow clearance.

The Time ATAC XC12 Titan Carbon is the top of the range pedal made with a titanium axle and carbon body. With excellent mud clearance thanks to the self-cleaning concept they are ideal for off road riding. Weighing a mere 241g/pair they are tough and light. The cost of these may set you back £219.99 but will save you 40g compared to the next model down.

The ATAC XC8 has the same excellent features of the more expensive brother, however it is instead made with a chrome steel axle and carbon body. Weight 284g/pair and RRP £109.99.

ATAC XC6 – Made with a steel axle and composite body. Weight 293g/pair and RRP £84.99.

ATAC XC4 – Made with a steel axle and composite body but does not have the Stainless steel moulded dual arches like the 6, 8 and 12. Weight 372g/pair and RRP £69.99.

ATAC XC2 – Made with a steel axle and composite body, again minus the Stainless steel moulded dual arches and the adjustments that the XC4, XC6 and up benefit from. Weight 372g/pair and RRP £54.99.

The Time iClic2 and RXRS pedals are also still available for 2013 without any changes from previous models, so if you’re in the market for something new why not give the Time range a try.




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