Sadly this morning we’ve been discussing how we clean and rinse new bottles when we first get them.

It seems that there are numerous theories and procedures which we all go through when trying to rid a new bottle of its mass made plastic aroma.

We’re genuinely interested as to what you do, how seriously do you take washing new bottles before use? Are any of you worried about the effects of regularly drinking from plastic bottles (most are now BPA free).

Here’s a run down of our methods

Nick: a hydration pack bladder cleaning tablet in each, a good rinse out.

Anthony: Miltons baby bottle cleaner and a good rinse out.

John: Fill up with energy drink and get going, no messing.

Chris: near boiling water straight in, ‘shock’ back to cold with cold water. Leave overnight with warmish water (which will cool overnight) and then rinse again with cold water. Takes a while but it puts my mind at rest!

Dave: depends on how soon the race starts; a quick swill with water and straight in with the High5 4:1 usually!

On a serious note though, what do you do with your new bottles? The more thoughts we get the more we can try and decide the best way.



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