Cycling in the dark on roads is about being seen as well as seeing where you’re going. I’ve lost count of the number of times cars have come too close for comfort or beeped / flashed me in that annoying way to let me know I’m not being safe!

Studies have shown that flashing lights make you more noticeable (useful) and these little babies are perfect for it. 25 lumen LED with 4 settings Strobe, Disco Strobe, Strobe Pulse and Constant, although not sure what ‘disco’ is about… LED doesn’t suffer the life shortening effects from flashing and actually has a longer battery life when doing so, 80hrs (flashing) and 50hrs (steady).

Really stylish with various colour options, 12 in total, I’ve chosen a lovely lime green number that matches my bike perfectly (priorities)… Water-resistant, flexible silicone body that easily loops and hooks shut, 600 metre visibility and very cheap.

I would definitely recommend these but a note of caution that they are designed for safety only and other studies have shown drivers can find it hard to judge distances to flashing lights in comparison to steady beams. I always run a static lamp too which is used for illuminating the road, something 500+ lumens is ideal.

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