With over 33 million iPhones in 22 different countries across the world, and app downloads now numbering in there billions, we thought it was time to take a look at the apps on offer to the cycling enthusiast.

I have had an iPhone now for over a year and have been blown away by the quality and ingenuity of the apps available, not to mention the prices. the most expensive i have ever bought was £25 for a for a full turn by turn sat nav application that is brilliant. But with the majority of apps only 79p or 99c they have become almost a thoughtless purchase.

Now for some cycling apps….

Bike Route GPS Tracking Apps.

Packed with other features The applications main function is to track your route with GPS and plot your progress on a map. as well as this the applications are packed with other features such as Total distance, Speed, elevation, duration and calorie count to just name a few. most of the apps also feature Facebook and Twitter integration which allows you to share your rides and photos you took on your ride with your friends.


Trials – GPS Tracking – £2.39 (or free lite version available)

Trails allows you to record, import and export tracks onto your iPhone.

Record maps while hiking, on bike trips or while jogging directly on your iPhone. Easily import tracks and follow hikes of others! You can export your tracks with two clicks in the standard GPX Format. This allows you to geotag and geocode your non-iPhone photos (via e.g. HoudahGeo) or to share your track with others via Google Earth, etc.

This app is very user friendly and makes importing and exporting your routes easy you simply search on popular route tracking sites or you can import a GPX file. When exporting, you can either export to EveryTrail or to an email address, this makes it so easy to share your favorite routes with friends. While the app is tracking your progress the screen is turned off and locked, this not only stops you pressing any unwanted buttons but also saves your battery! You can also take photographs along your route, the app pinpoints the location of your photo and adds a pin to the map.

The PBK Verdict [rating: 4.5]

The best of the bunch with the best UI, easy import/export which makes sharing your routes so easy!


MotionX – £1.79 (or free lite version available)

MotionX allows you to set waypoints to navigate to import and export tracks to your iPhone

Here is what they say about there product: Superior Accuracy, Reliability and Repeatability are what sets MotionX solutions apart together with gorgeous graphics and unique user experience. MotionX has a proven track record for software innovation with real successes.

this app allows you to quickly create a waypoint by tapping  an end location on a map, typing in coordinates or by entering a range or bearing and then navigates you to it. Like the trails app motionx allows you to export your and import you tracks into google maps and google earth or upload your track to facebook and twitter or just email your track to a freind.

The PBK Verdict  [rating: 4]

Overall this app offers all the same features as the trails app but with a slightly clunkier UI this app is great but slightly harder to use.


Every Trail – Free

Here is what they say about there app: Track your route with your phone GPS as you walk, bike, run, hike, sail, drive or more. See your route map drawn while you move. Plot pictures taken with your phone’s camera on your map instantly OR easily add pics from another camera or photo website later. View stats (distance, speed, elevation and more) while tracking.

This app is alot simpler than the ather two, which is not always a bad thing. It couldnt be easier simply push the start button see your stats on screen (distance, speed, elevation and more) or view your progress on a map. Take photos along the way, and when your done upload your track to or share with freinds on facebook. With thge great price of FREE you cant go wrong!

The PBK Verdict  [rating: 3]

A great simple way to map routes and share with friends, but lacks alot of the features of Trails and MotionX. with the great price of FREE you cant compliain.



Here is what they say about there app: iMapMy (powered by mapmyfitness is a location-based application that uses the built in GPS technology on your iPhone to allow runners, cyclists, (or any outdoor fitness activity) to track their daily training data, including:

Total Time, Total Distance (in miles or kilometers), Pace (minutes per km/mile) or current speed, Average Speed / Pace (km/mile), View your running maps directly on your iPhone, Training Log including Distance, Calories, Burned, Time, and Date, Add Your Workout to Twitter.

A good little app for ayone who usese iMapmyRide often for there training but for anyone who doesnt this app is a little bit simple, but again with it bieng free you cant realy complain. also with no screen lock this app will eat through your battery power, and the GPS signal seems to be a little bit tempromental.

The PBK Verdict  [rating: 2.5]

Overall a good little app if you use for your training but if you dont then get one of the other three.

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