As we all know cycling’s the greatest sport in the world! No two ways about it. Due to this fact (yes, it is a fact) it can draw huge crowds to the sport. One of the perks of following a sport that is rich in history and still sticks to a few ways of old is that it’s one of the few remaining sports that lets you get up close and personal with the big stars of the sport rubbing shoulders with your heroes. This is a world away from the likes of football (that’s soccer if you’re reading this in the states), basketball or any other major sport that’s been swallowed up by the glitz and glamour of big buck cash investment.

If you’ve ever been to any of the start or finish towns of the major or minor races across the globe, from the early season starters such as The Tour Down Under or the spring classics, right through to the races that tie the season up such as Lombardy, you’ll know that it’s a hub of activity. With team trucks, cars and buses turning the town in to a cycling carnival.  Here it’s possible to wander up to your favourite professionals and have a quick chat , get your picture taken and get that signature you’re after.

As we know cycling attracts not just your everyday folk. Look at Lance Armstrong with his bevy of superstar fans , Ben Stiller and Robin Williams being just two of them. We’ve even seen stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger over the years presenting winners of the tour with the leader’s jersey.

So we are throwing the gauntlet down. WE WANT YOUR PICTURES! You with your heroes, famous faces and super stars that you’ve managed to capture. Have you managed to get a snap with Boonen and yourself hanging out at the start of a race, had a cuddle off Cadel, bumped in to Ivan Basso outside a record shop, helped Robin Williams with sorting out a puncture or even bumped into a Star Wars Storm Trooper in a botanical garden……Three out of the five have actually happened to me, go on I challenge you to guess!! Come on, we want to see our customers mug shots, you with your heroes. The bigger the star or the odder the location the better.

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