Well under way, the 2015 Giro d’Italia now makes its way into stage 10, heading across 124 miles of flat land towards the city of Forli. Leading the race are: Alberto Contador in first, Fabio Aru in second, and Richie Porte in third.

Looking ahead to tomorrow’s stage 11, it’s going to be a pretty substantial slog out in the mountains with 95 miles of  medium-sized mountains, making it tough in terms of quantity over quality. The 9 climbs make stage 11 a high-volume, gruelling stage that comes just over a third of the way through the Giro, and as always, it’s set to be a challenge.

A snapshot of Forli

Situated in the region of Emilia-Romagna, Forli is an architectural and cultural paradise, home to the Abbey of San Mercuriale and the Church of San Domenico.

Forli is also the birthplace of Aurelio Saffi, an Italian politician who played a crucial role in the Italian unification, later becoming a deputy in the Italian Parliament of the newly formed Kingdom of Italy. Keep an eye open for the famous Saffi statue, the Piazza Aurelio Saffi, as riders may pass by there.


Stage format

Stage 11 is of course another tough physical challenge for the peloton, with a mixture of climbs, meandering paths and enough surprises to keep anyone guessing.

From the profile, we can see the 9 climbs in all their glory, coming thick and fast with the toughest climbs featuring right at the start.

stage 11 profile gir 15


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