The UK company Genesis prides itself on being a rider’s brand. Everyone involved in the company has a very passionate view on cycling and this is reflected in everything they do. Ideas are generated while in the saddle rather than sat behind a desk. As a company they’re not scared of doing things their own way. A mantra of “cycling is about freedom and escape” flows through the veins of each employee. In an age when the lightest, brightest and quickest bikes are getting all the attention, Genesis urges you to slow down and notice the world around you. Their aim is produce bikes that create good times and happy memories.

To the untrained eye a Genesis bike may look rather plain and simple. Their designs aren’t based on trends but rather function. This straight to the point, no nonsense approach is rather refreshing in an industry swamped with the latest technologies and trends. Their frames haven’t been designed by men in lab coats but by those in bib shorts. The success of a Genesis bike isn’t measured using formulas rather the width of the smile the riders has after the ride.

The Genesis range is designed with you as a rider in mind. Their bikes come equipped with some nice kit but the main emphasis is to get you out on the bike with a grin on your face. The look and feel of a Genesis is that of a timeless classic. It enables their designs to look just as good 5 years down the line as they did straight out of the box. They’ve taken a step back from the industry norms and produced a range of bikes that encompass qualities of durability, reliability, comfort, affordability and versatility.

Being designed in the UK means these frames have been designed with the British elements in mind. A Genesis can withstand some of the harshest conditions mother nature has to offer. Wind and rain are a regular sight for riders in the UK, fair weather riders don’t tend to last long here. With this in mind Genesis have constructed some equally hardy frames. Both the cross and road bikes feature eyelets so that mudguards can be fitted easily. A necessity rather than a choice for winter commuters. An emphasis on minimum maintenance is also apparent with a selection of bikes featuring internal hub gearing systems. Reynolds steel provides the Genesis range with the strength mile after mile and has proved to be a fantastic material to construct bikes from. So lets have a look at some of the bikes that Genesis has to offer.

The Croix der fer has become synonymous with the Genesis brand, it has been one of their greatest success stories. Equally well suited to winter commuting on the roads or hammering down sun baked bridleways, or perhaps even exploring the world; it’s a versatile and beautiful bicycle that crosses many boundaries.

It’s even the holder of a Guinness World Record since in 2010, in pursuit of an often-contested record, Vin Cox rode his Croix De Fer around the world faster than anyone has managed before. To prove this bike’s versatility further, in August 2011 the Montane Icemen (Pete Sissons and Paul Cosgrove) used a pair of Croix de Fers to circumnavigate the 1600 mile coast line of Iceland in just 14 days.

If you’re looking for somthing simpler then the Day One Cross is for you. Bikes like this have always existed, look back through Tour de France history or the log books of the Rough Stuff Fellowship and they’re in the early part of the 20th Century were single-geared bikes with steel frames and balloon tyres that took on roads, paths and tracks and were hike-a-biked over high passes.

Bikes like the Day One Cross will always have a place with open-minded, adventurous riders unconcerned with technology or genres.

Whether you’re mixing it up between tarmac and trail on the way to work, opening up new routes and exploring trail link-ups in mid-winter, or simply enjoying the challenge of riding distilled to its purest form, the Day One is a constant in cycling as well as more fun than it has any right to be.

This ‘Cross version uses shallow-drop bars and an oversized 31.8mm clamp stem for rigidity, plus Tektro RL340 drop bar brake levers with a larger hood for better control / grip.

If you have a long commute by cycle and you need to cover ground quickly without sacrificing comfort and durability, then the Equilibrium 00 would be the perfect choice.

It shares the same Reynolds 725 frameset as the more expensive 10 and 20 models, but is combined with a chromo fork and sensible specced kit to offer fantastic value. Add mudguards for all season riding so you can smile in the face of bad weather. The lovely cyan blue finish is both striking and classical.

If you like the sound of Genesis and the values they stand for on two wheels you can check out the range now available at ProBikeKit.



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