Its been a long week, and here at PBK we came up with a hugely productive exercise. The results are in, and quite surprising to be honest. With guesses of mostly over 100psi and one up to 198psi! We were shocked to find that the gauge didn’t really even get off its stop.

The end result was a psi of approx. 8psi. This gives ‘Gunnar Soroos’ the proud honour of being the winner with a guess of 22psi.

If there are any more experiments you want trying then please get in touch, we’re willing to don the lab coats and goggles for the next one!

Also because of the flying valve and rubber please don’t try this (at least not in a confined space)

Wishing you all a good weekend

How Far Will An Inner Tube Inflate Before It Explodes? It turns out only about 8psi.

What PSI can a standard MTB inner tube take (this one in particular) without a tyre on in our yard.

We need your guesses in now, to the nearest psi please. Use the comments section below, the closest to the result will gain the bragging rights of the Pbkblog community.

We’ll be finding out the results at coffee break tomorrow afternoon (GMT) and will use our new HD video camera to record the events.

Good luck!

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