Magnetic bracelets like the Trion:z Actiloop Polarised Ionic Bracelet have become quite popular in the fitness industry in the last few years, with potential health benefits claimed by Trion:z. They say:

‘Many of the studies involving magnets for health have been focused on how effective magnetic therapy is in alleviating pain associated with muscles and tendons, particularly back, knee, pelvic, hip, wrist and foot.

Many of these studies, including a recent NIH-sponsored clinical trial, found that individuals’ who have undergone magnetic therapy have experienced some kind of relief from swollen and painful tendons.

Much of the medical research involved in the benefits of magnets for health benefits agree that the effectiveness of this alternative form of medicine depends greatly on the severity of the pain, the strength of the magnets used, the duration of time the magnets were applied to the patient, and how often the treatment was performed.’

For those looking for a little bit more science, Trion:z also comment on the inner workings of the magnetic technology:

‘…studies have shown that magnets can work restoring the balance between the death of unhealthy cells and the growth of healthy cells, by increasing the blood flow and therefore oxygen in the blood and to tissues, and by altering how the nerve cells function and blocking pain signals to the brain.’

Here at ProBikeKit we’re testing out the Trion:z Actiloop Bracelet, and even though we can’t comment on its long-term health benefits until we’ve given it enough time to take effect, we can bring you a review of our first impressions on it.

Trion:z actiloop bracelet


 Feel and Design.

trionz design

The design of the new Trion:z Actiloop Polarised Ionic Bracelet features a fashionable new re-design from the plainer, older looking magnetic bracelets we’re used to from other manufacturers. The Actiloop has been brought into the modern day with it’s new design, somewhat resembling the new range of ‘smart-watches’ released in recent years.

The smart colours and subtle design details mean that you can wear this the bracelet on your wrist without worrying about it sticking out and looking ‘obvious’. The thick width of the wristband means that it isn’t as flimsy and delicate as previous models either, and it feels secure and solid when you wear it.


A closer look.

Trion:z also haven’t skimped on the detail on the Actiloop, it’s not plain or lacking in stylish touches. The raised pattern and embedded design on the wrist strap are nice little additions, and when you give it a good stretch, pull and generally rough it up, it tends to go back to its former shape and form perfectly.


We’re going to put the Trion:z Actiloop through its paces at the gym, on the road and when out for a run, we’re as excited as anyone to test this out and see if the benefits pay off! Join us on our journey to top form by picking one up yourself in either blue or green today!

Have you had a good experience with a magnetic bracelet? Let us know your views in the comment section below!



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