Continuing the ever popular Track/Singlespeed theme at PBK and cycling in general we have just taken delivery of Evil USA’s new singlespeed bike:

Evil Resident

Evil Resident


Here’s what they say about themselves:

“Evil Bikes is an idea that has been a long time in the making. We are a family of riders, designers, and engineers gathering from a variety of action sports backgrounds. The sport of mountain biking and the desire to do something different is what we share in common. Drawing from out of industry inspiration and experience, Evil hopes to bring a youthful feel and creative look to the mountain bike industry. We are headed by people who ride, influenced by design, all with the goal to make the best bikes on the market.

Over the course of the coming year Evil will be releasing an expanded and re-branded bike line, including a wide range of suspension bikes featuring Dave Weagle’s latest suspension platform, the DELTA system. Thomas Vanderham is a critical part of the Evil design team and will be working hand-in-hand with Evil’s product managers and engineers to bring the products he needs to the trails you ride.”


This being their first single speed bike has allowed them to get the detailing spot on. From the shiny cable ties around the top tube to the super cool graphics and top spec hubs.

The graphics can be removed from this original and replaced with sticker sets which are being released every month by Evil and designed by a featured artist. So you’ll never be behind the times and if you have your own designs the bright white or lavender background will show them off well.

After riding the bike around the office and warehouse it comes across as easy to ride and very predictable. The brakes are US setup – don’t go attempting to skid with your left hand, the gearing is big enough to get a move on out on the streets (42/16) and the saddle is very comfy and looks great with its stainless springs on the back. The flat bar and dainty front fork look stylish, the hubs have replaceable cartridge bearings for easy maintenance.

It just needs a track sprocket and lockring ( Available here ) on the flip-flop hub to give a fixed gear bike; a great way to get around and quickly builds up strength in your legs. And a quick google search shows just how popular this type of cycling is (lfgss, fixed gear blog and fixed gear girls to mention a few).

On behalf of PBk we’d strongly recommend this bike if you need something for mainly urban riding and commuting, want to look cool (imagine seeing around your city centre) and also go out for the odd blast after work/ or treat your commute as a TT! The wheels should be bombproof and the drivetrain, being so simple is easy to maintain and fix. Also being able to alter your ratios so easily should give hours of testing fun on the road. Sizing wise the sizeguide is direct from Evil so should be accurate, I’ve been riding around on a small with about 4 inches of seatpost out to suit my 5″11 (6 foot if a girl asks) frame.

We’re now bracing ourselves and the servers for thousands of visits from people searching for the popular computer game!

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