Greetings from Germany – I write this at the end of an intense two days at Eurobike, my feet are in iced water and I’ve a beer beside my laptop!  Eurobike is a truly enormous exhibition where everyone who’s anyone gathers to show their products, both old and new.  Now I’ve got quite a few photo’s (396 to be precise…) so this is but a taster of what is to come, but, rest assured I’ll be going in to much more depth over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for updates in the email, on Facebook and Twitter.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at just a few products (please forgive me for any small errors, it’s been a long few days!):

The new Ultegra Carbon pedal from Shimano, it's light and affordable which makes it a winner in my book! I also got to ride the new Ultegra Di2 groupset, watch this space for information, video and more pictures coming soon.


Tantalising isn't it, the new Cervelo S5 with the rest fo the Cervelo range behind, watch out for more info on these amazing bikes.

Well spotted, that is Cav's Green Jersey Venge! So much bike porn so little time! Luckily plenty of blogs to come.

Have I mentioned yet that I met Liz Hatch? Well yes I did!!! She's not the only star I met, and if you look carefully you'll see something in my left hand that may give you a clue for some forthcoming competitions.....

While we're on the subject I might as well just mention I met The Lion King himself, Mario Cippolini!

You forced it out of me, I only went and met Cadel 'Cuddles' Evans!!!!! No cuddle for me sadly but a firm handshake, and another signature.....


There's plenty of the weird and wonderful at Eurobike, like this dinosaur helmet! There's plenty more of that to come don't worry.


Speaking of wonderful, check out the new Cinelli Ram 3. Properly lovely!!


These are going to be big in 2012, you heard it here first...

I spent some time on an electric bike! Watch out for a shaky video, some amazing cat. 6 racing and my impressions coming to a blog near you soon.


For those of you who like a bit of off-road, there's plenty of that coverage coming too! I should add that is not me in the picture...


Could this be the long awaited Vision TT group?!

Can’t wait for some more? Check out our round-up of Cinelli, Cervelo and Ridley. There’s more coming soon.



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