In the second of quite a few blogs from our visit to Eurobike 2011, I thought we’d take a look at the Cervelo, Cinelli and Ridley. These stands were packed with some fantastic looking bikes as you’re about to find out!


The S5 has attracted a lot of attention, one of a new breed of 'Aero' road bikes we saw at the show, this combination of aero features in a road bike is one we expect to see a lot more of. This is the Team edition.

This is the Vroomen White Design (VWD) version of the S5, which was launched at Eurobike. Pitched above the S5 Team, it is lighter, stiffer and a bit more expensive to boot. We're waiting with baited breath to see if they make an S5 California super bike...

Stand end on and you'll struggle to see the S5 VWD! The sculpting is amazing.

Note the sculpting at the downtube/fork interface, it's much easier to see without the fork.

There's a lot of material around the BBright bottom bracket of the S5 VWD, phenomenally stiff and still very light.

This is a great view of the Cervelo BBright design, complete with disembodied hand.The asymmetric design is open source available for any manufacturer to use and we think it makes a lot of sense.

We couldn't be at Cervelo and not drool over the R5 California, the superlight, top of the range superbike from Cervelo. Made in California it's a no-holds-barred example of technical excellence. Although realistically, most people would be more than happy with the R5 Team or R5VWD!

Just look at how slim those chainstays are ont he R5ca. They had a loose frame (sadly it was padlocked!), you had to keep a tight hold because if you let go of it, it would have flown away!

Time trialling your thing? Then look no further than the P4 VWD, unbelievably aero, this is the frame you'll see Garmin-Cervelo riding.


Cinelli have brought back the Cinelli Laser Pista, now sadly they are only making 21 of these (to celebrate 21 years since the original), but we are certainly hoping there will be more.

Gorgeous isn't it, hopefully it won't be the last we see of this blue beauty!


Now what could Cinelli be playing at?

Ooooh, could it be a Cinelli TT bike?

YES! The CInelli 'What You See Is What You Get' TT bike. With a claimed frame only weight of 1,135g, and those killer looks we reckon it's a winner. Just don't expect UCI compliance.

This is the new Ram 3 handlebar, I love the swoopy integrated bar-extension.

Just as a side note, I was impressed at how neat the Ultegra Di2 looked on this Cinelli frame!

The new Cinelli Mash stem, it looks properly lovely and a perfect accompianment to your Mash frame.


There are no words...


Oh go on then, one more Columbus tubed Cinelli beauty!!!


Ridley had some lovely bikes, but there was one that really caught my eye!

The Ridley Noah Aero, as used by Vacansoleil. This aero road bike features integrated brakes, F-Foils in the seatstays and fork to channel the air more effectively, and an F-Surface coating which makes it more slippery.

This shows the F-Foil in the fork which leads up to the integrated brake design. Both aero and practical (once set up) this is a great example of integration we think.

Here we're looking at the seat stay, which gives a better view of the integrated brake and the F-Foil design.

So, that’s it for Cervelo, Ridley and Cinelli from Eurobike 2011. Don’t worry though, we’ve got plenty more to come from Eurobike 2011 including the brand new Shimano Ultegra Di2! In the meantime, are there any particular bike brands you’d like to see at PBK?



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