Santini have approached their Spring/Summer cycling collection with all the usual new features and specialisations you’d expect: bold colouring, detailed styling and optimised performance-engineered designs. This year however, Santini came back with all this and then some; they have brought with them a selection of retro wool jerseys, Giro d’Italia stage-specific jerseys and few more nice surprises.

In their own words, the Santini 2015 collection:

‘…features many aspects to whet riders’ appetites for the most cycling-friendly seasons, distinctive colours, versatile shapes, retro stylings and hi-tech fabrics. But there are common themes: breath-ability, comfort, and getting the small things right without deviating from our main priority – ensuring you reach your potential, every ride.’

Here’s a quick run through of the wide variety of clothing Santini have put out for this Spring/Summer.


The Photon Aero Short Sleeve Jersey

‘A great aero jersey that offers enhanced breathability’

photonThe Photon Aero Short Sleeve Jersey – Buy

More and more cyclists are recognising the importance of aerodynamics today, in a world where marginal gains through training, nutrition, conditioning and the right gear can help you to win races and beat your opponents.

Santini’s key Summer offering for that very purpose is the Photon Aero Short Sleeve Jersey, featuring a close fit, a lightweight Artico fabric and carbon fibre side-inserts, it’s a serious race-ready jersey that doesn’t bother with superfluous add-ons that eat into a jersey’s performance potential; the Photon is a riders jersey.


The 2BCool Lite Aero Short Sleeve Jersey

As we get into the hotter months, the long rides become a battle for hydration and energy. The sun beats down on your back and even with jerseys unzipped wide open, cooling down can be a genuine struggle.

Santini’s answer to hot sweats and hydration issues is the 2BCool’ jersey. Part of the BCool range, the 2BCool jersey is super-light, thin and optimally ventilated for your riding pleasure. With Saninti’s Heat Sink System technology placed on the rear of the jersey, plenty of coverage is applied for correct heat removal. The anatomical spine-like design of the Heat Sink System means that it covers the right areas of your back, but also makes for a nice looking design.

As you’d expect, the jersey comes equipped with all the standard cooling features of a good Summer jersey: full-length zip, breathable, lightweight and an anti-sliding system to keep the jersey in place.

Strap yourself into this full-zip jersey on hot days and you’ll be stranger to overheating, keeping your cool while other riders lose their head.


The 2BCool Lite Aero Short Sleeve Jersey –  Buy

Bib shorts

In the line-up this season for Santini bib shorts are the Interactive 2.0 Aero MIG3 Pad Bib Shorts and the BCool Mig3 Pad Bib Shorts.

The Interactive 2.0 Aero MIG3 Pad Bib Shorts are a top-of-the-range pair of bib shorts with all the expected features and then an unconventional twist. The Interactive 2.0 shorts feature a raised rear platform that wraps around your waist and lower back comfortably, which is designed to produce maximum aerodynamics and wear-ability on the ride. Also, the Interactive 2.0’s can be attached to the corresponding Interactive 2.0 Jersey for a skin suit effect.

On the flip side, Santini have also released the BCool bib shorts, a lighter, more breathable variant to suit the 2BCool jersey. Like the jersey, the BCool bib shorts feature a collection of breathable inserts on the rear, meaning that these are the go-to choice for hot, humid days where you need maximum cooling and ventilation.


Interactive 2.0 Aero MIG3 Pad Bib Shorts –  Buy

Giro d’Italia 2015 range – Race jerseys and stage jerseys

It’s no secret that Santini supplied the 2015 Giro d’Italia race jerseys this year, and you can read about their launch earlier this year at Pitti Uomo in Florence. But Santini, and you can see a pattern starting to form now, have given us a little extra with their stage jerseys and wool heritage jerseys.

The stage jerseys, as you’d expect, are beautifully thought-up concept designs around certain stages and locations of the Giro d’Italia. Examples include the Treviso – Valdobbiadene and the S. Lorenzo Al Mare – Sanremo, each adorned with decorative colours and emblems representing the fine Italian locations.

These jerseys aren’t just collectable, frame-able pieces of art, they’re also performance ready workhorses as well.


The Treviso – Valdobbiadene Jersey – Buy

Wool Heritage range

Finally, the Wool Heritage range is a new spin for Santini; a wool jersey that looks and feels like a cycling uniform of the good old days. These designs are bold, powerful and iconic, they say style and presence; when you take to the bike with one of these on, you’re ready to make your mark in cycling history, paying homage to riders of old and doing your bit for the sport.


Santini Wool Heritage Short Sleeve 2.0 Jersey in Red – Buy




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