PowerBar; bold, burgundy text on a yellow background, their logo an iconic, instantly recognisable backdrop to endurance sports events and culture. The endurance nutrition specialists weren’t always a big name in the sports world, and their story is one of honest scientific research and development that has essentially bettered many sports, opened up new possibilities in them, and has allowed many athletes and recreational competitors to achieve bigger and better things.

The PowerBar story started 32 years ago, and in 1983, ‘sports science’ and even sports nutrition, wasn’t really a popular public interest, you just didn’t go and buy a protein shake or an energy bar. When a Canadian runner made a few mistakes and burnt himself out during a marathon, he began to question why he had loss his energy, how had he run out of fuel just a few kilometres before the finish line? This setback led him to start a search for the perfect ‘energy food’ and he even called in the help of a nutrition specialist in the form of his wife.

After countless research, formulations and testing – a project that spanned three years – an energy bar was created. This bar had enough carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and protein to send a world-class runner to the finish line, and it was also low-fat and fibrous to boot.

Over time, the couple started to share the bars with friends and positive results were experienced. From there on, the bar was named the PowerBar, and became an essential in top cyclist’s saddle bags, runner’s belts and triathlete’s transition stations.


What you’ll know them for

Chances are that if you’re a cyclist, runner or triathlete, that you’ve eaten, or at least seen a PowerBar product in the past. From their standard Energize Bars, all the way to their innovative Energize Wafers, their presence is inescapable in the sports industry.

The Energize Wafer

pbp1The Energize Wafer is available in Berry Yoghurt or Chocolate Peanut

A modern favourite for cyclists and runners, the PowerBar Energize Wafer bridges the gap between energising fuel and tasty snack. The wafers are delicious and carefully crafted, in fact as much care is put into the presentation and taste of these as the performance and nutrition angle. Many of the riders and runners we’ve spoken to enjoy this aspect of the product, as it’s a little extra in terms of what you’re getting, after all, what’s going to cheer you up on a five hour ride more: a chewy, rubbery sports bar or a flavoursome wafer?

The Protein Plus 52% bar

Now a staple of the PowerBar arsenal, the Protein Plus 52% bar is a formulaic tried and tested snack that does what it says on the tin.

Going off more recent research and the fact that protein is becoming more and more necessary for endurance athletes, PowerBar came back with their answer to the demand: the Protein Plus 52% bar. Containing 26g of protein, this compact snack delivers the optimal amount of protein for a quick post-workout recovery, so you can get that sweaty kit in the washer and wind down in the bath while this bar works it’s way through your system.


The Protein Plus 52% bar is available in Cookies & Cream or Chocolate Nut

Fancy something different? The new Protein Plus Jaffa Cake flavour bar is a tasty treat but not a guilty pleasure!

New Products for Summer 2015

Holding down the fort with their classics and now well-trusted products, the real game-changers for PowerBar are their new products for Summer 2015. Building on the success of the Energize Wafer, PowerBar are exploring new areas, and creating tasty snacks that you’d want to eat off the bike, as well as on the bike.


Performance Smoothie

The PowerBar Performance Smoothie is a fresh new approach to endurance nutrition, taking the natural-tasting approach, this supplement has as much carbohydrate content as a PowerGel, yet tastes so fruity and natural. So why is this better than other fruit supplements on the market? Well, for a start it contains more than double the energy compared to usual fruit purees.

According to PowerBar, the Performance Smoothie contains a ‘scientifically developed C2MAX Dual Source Carb Mix [with a] 2:1 ratio of glucose and fructose sources.’, which will come in handy for the long, hot summer rides. Add in some extra sodium for electrolyte replenishment, and you’ve got complete supplement for the sunny season.

puree pouch MASTER VC

The Performance Smoothie is available in Banana Blueberry, Apple Mango & Apricot Peach. (available soon)

Natural Protein

Powerbar’s new answer to the protein bar is the Natural Protein bar, combining carefully selected ingredients and tastes with the need to create something that fuels athletes. The Natural Protein bar contains: ‘30% high-quality vegan protein, from soy, peanuts and almonds to support muscle growth and maintenance.’ While that’s good news for vegans, it’s also good for those who suffer from lactose intolerance, as the bar is officially lactose-free.

As well as being far more than your regular protein bar, the Natural Protein bar contains real fruit pieces, peanuts and almonds.

big_13094powerb go

The Natural Protein bar is available in Blueberry Nuts & Salty Peanut Crunch Flavour. (available soon)

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