With Christmas and the new year over with, it’s time to look ahead at 2014. January is always a great time for cyclists, because it means a whole new race calendar has started; with the usual summer full of tours across Europe, plenty of training rides and the prospect of switching your thermal tights for shorts.

This year however, is going to be one of the best yet. ‘Why?’ you ask. ‘How?’ You wonder. Well don’t sit around in that post-Christmas slump for much longer, because at ProBikeKit we’ve got three great reasons why 2014 is going to be the year of the bike!


Revolution 41 at the National Cycling Centre.


The Revolution Series Final comes to Manchester this January (Sat 4th), starting the year off with a bang. Cycling is on the rise, in every sense, and the hype surrounding this velodrome event seems bigger than ever. So why should you be excited? Well, Team Sky will be there, with young riders Luke Rowe and Peter Kennaugh said to be making an appearance. They will be racing alongside big name teams such as Rapha Condor JLT and German favourites Rudy Project RT. If you think they aren’t good enough reasons to get yourself down there, then when I tell you 2012 Gold Medallist Laura Trott will be racing, you’ll be sprinting down in no time!

Revolution 41 will be an event to remember and a great little starter for the new year, be sure to catch our race review early next week.

velodrome cycling rev 41


The Tour de France comes to England.


You might have heard last year that a little race called the Tour de France will actually be starting in Yorkshire in 2014. This is in fact true, and shows just how far we’ve come as a cycling nation. From Boris bikes to Wiggins and Froome taking the Tour’s Yellow Jersey the last two years running; Britain is on top at the minute when it comes to two wheels.

Taking a step back from this glory, we do have a lot to live up to as far as the Tour de France goes. The Tour is known for its manically supportive spectators, cramming the streets and roads, cheering on the athletes with unbelievable passion and heart. The big question is, can the British crowd show the same support and love for the sport as the French do every year? Not just the French I must add, the crowds at the Tour are multi-national, and always make the event special.

So what do we need to do? As a nation we need to play down any stereotypes and show our true spirit and love for the sport. After the 2012 Olympic Games however, I think we’re now a much more united nation, that most importantly, has a huge passion for cycling! Get yourself down to Leeds for the ‘Grand Départ; this summer and cheer on the peloton as it makes it way down south.



365 more days of brilliant cycling!


More importantly, 2014 is the year we all get 365 more days of cycling. The last of the festive food has been munched and the endless bottles of beer and wine have been drunk dry; now it’s time to get going in the new season.

If you’re just starting out, you can enjoy all your new gear and learning about cycling nutrition. If you’re a seasoned cyclist, then you’ll be all set and clued up and your strategy for 2014, but who knows, you may even learn something new.

It may be time to sign up for your first race, or smash that personal best on a favourite time trial route, whatever your goal is for 2014, it’s time to stop the planning and start the pedalling.

What are you looking forward to this year in cycling? Leave a comment below to let us know!





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