With 2016 being a leap year, and only coming round once every four years we thought we would  compile a list of 29 things to do with your bike – make this Leap Year a cycling one!

1. Join a club

This is a great way to get you motivated and make new friends like yourself.

2. Plan a new route

This will take you to new places and new sights you have never seen before. Who knows what you might find!

3. Get Strava

If you haven’t got it get it. Analyse and compare your efforts against you and your mates! Better still, join our PBK Strava group here.Garmin

4. Get a Garmin

Every ride needs to be logged and most GPS Cycling Computers have route planner features built in too. Go explore!

5. Get a nice pair of shorts

Be kind to your nether region. You need them in tip top condition if you’re going to be riding your bike a lot. Have a browse through our wide selection of cycling shorts here.

6. Set yourself a goal

This is great as it can give you the vision you may be looking for.

7. Enjoy a rest day

Don’t feel too guilty if you have a rest day. Enjoy it and make sure you are fully recovered in time for the next ride!

8. Learn to love the pain

This is why you cycle right? Love. The. Pain.Love the pain

9. Feel guilty for not riding

…If it’s not a rest day. Get out there even if you don’t feel like it, even if you only get out for 30 mins.

10. Enjoy that you can eat loads

Being a cyclist you can eat more than anyone else around you and still be stick thin!

11. Plan a cycling holiday or weekend away

This is a great way to enjoy your bike to the max – you get to ride, eat, sleep, repeat! Our experts at ProBikeKit have compiled a list full of advice on how to prepare for a Cycling Training Camp that you can read through here.

12. Get a turbo, get Zwift

Go interactive. Virtual racing is where it is at now! Don’t be the one left out!

13. Give your bike some TLC

Everyone needs a little TLC, your bike more so. Keep on top of bike maintenance. Give it a good clean, strip it down and it will be like a new bike afterwards.

14. Put something new on the bike

Pimp your bikeSpice it up a little. Add a bit of colour or some shiny carbon finishing kit; the smallest of changes can make all the difference.

15. Stop and take a picture

Always riding round flat out? Take time for a cheeky pic, it’s always nice to look back and remind yourself of that day!

16. Take a friend out cycling

Introduce a friend to cycling and get them hooked to it just like you are! Just be kind to them and don’t drop them on the first hill; you don’t want to put them off.

17. Volunteer at a local event

Put back into the community. This will give you a great sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

18. Offer your expert advice to others

Do you have extensive knowledge? Share it with some others and help them out.

19. Take your bike off road

Take your bike off roadGo on be a daredevil. Take your bike on a canal tow path or on a cheeky little cut through. As long as it’s safe, feel the dirt underneath you.

20. Read a cycling book

You can learn a lot from the pros from reading cycling books – they have been at it a long time. Take a leaf out of their book (pun intended) and put into practice what they have been doing for years.

21. Enter some competitions

Smashing times on Strava? Test yourself further. Whether you enjoy it or not why not have a go? You may surprise yourself.

22. Climb to the highest point in your area and take in the views.

This may be hard and you may bust a lung getting there, but make it your aim! It will be worth it when you get to the top, think of all that oxygen on the top of the hill!

23. Ride a tandem

Go twice as fast for less energy! That’s got to be a good thing?

24. Practice a wheelie

Try a road bike wheelieAs long as you stay safe, maybe try in flat pedals, you don’t want to be clipped in whilst practicing this (could be embarrassing).

25. Commute into work

You may even do this already but if you don’t it can be quite liberating. It will wake you up on the way there and clear your mind after work!

26. Ride it!

Okay we may be running out of things to think of, but it’s simple really. Don’t just talk about riding your bike – actually hop on and ride it too!

27. Moan about riding your bike!

This is a favourite thing to do amongst cyclists. Being able to moan about how much you have been riding your bike and how you’re so tired and your legs hurt and how you haven’t had a rest day in 5 days!

28. Buy some new gear

Ride with style. Get your hands on the latest cycling clothing so that you look good on your bike!

29. This last one is up to you

Choose your own 29th thing to do with your bike this leap year and tweet us @ProBikeKit!




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