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PBK Guide to Energy & Nutrition

Energy and nutrition is fast becoming a crucial part of sports performance, long gone are the days of 'having a good old hearty meal' and 'hoping for the best'. Today, if you're a cyclist, a good knowledge of the body and nutrition is almost as important as it is for bodybuilders. From getting the right amount of carbs in your bloodstream before you ride, to calculating how much protein you need on a daily basis to recover; performing well on your bike requires a thorough self-inspection and nutrition plan.

But fear not, here at ProBikeKit UK we have the full range of cycling nutrition products, and this mini guide should help you to understand how to use them.

Adequate Levels of Carboydrates

You may have heard of carb-loading, which is useful before intensive exercise or a race, but doesn't really have a place in day to day training routines. It is however, still important to make sure you have adequate levels of carbs in your body, as depleted stores can lead to underperformance and weakness. Using energy bars and nutrition, alongside a complete diet can go a long way in keeping your body fuelled up with a decent amount of carbs.

Stay hydrated with electrolytes on the bike

When you're pumping out the miles on the road, hours can pass without you realising how much strain is being put on your body. Your heart and lungs will be working overtime, your legs are churning out the miles and you're holding that aerodynamic position all the time. Chances are you'll be sweating, working hard and pretty tensed up. So how can we prevent this turning into a dangerous situation?

By taking in an electrolyte tablet, such as one fromHigh5 or Nuun, you'll be keeping your hydration levels optimised. It's not just about drinking loads of water, because if done excessively, it can lead to hyponatremia, which means that although you'll have lots of water available to your system, it will be unbalanced in its electrolyte profile. Often the sodium levels are too low due to the diluting effect of drinking so much water. Disturbing the electrolyte balance in your body can have serious consequences that can affect your vital organs and functions, so taking an electrolyte tablet can really go a long way. Take one to stay hydrated and functioning efficiently, especially on hot summer days.

Recover well, and often

Recovery is sometimes something we think of as being immediately after training, something that can be fixed with a simple shake or one-hit-wonder product. While this is true and the window for recovery is immediately after your workout and should be supplemented with a protein shake. Recovery is a process that should be constantly worked on.

Try a protein or recovery shake after your workouts, but also make sure your next meal is rich in protein too. Having a protein rich diet, as well as protein shakes after hard training sessions, will make sure your body is always in a perpetual state of recovery. Think of it as constantly 'topping up' your recovery supplies, you'll race harder the next time around.