Tour de France T-shirts

To celebrate the most iconic stages of the 2018 Tour de France we've designed four t-shirts that are exclusive to ProBikeKit - Roubaix, Alpe d'Huez, Bagnères de Luchon the Champs Élysées!

2018-07-10 12:16:18By Tom Bracegirdle


Jerseys of the Tour de France

Over the course of the three-week Tour, the professional peloton fight for yellow, green, polka dot and white jerseys. So how does a rider win a Tour de France jersey?

2017-07-10 15:29:58By Tom Bracegirdle


What do the Tour de France riders get up to on rest days?

So you have in mind that the riders would stay in bed all day being fed and watered and massaged all day? This is what us, the average cyclists would do right? Surely this seems like the most obvious thing to do? Well, think again! Believe it or not the TDF riders actually go for a ride! Albeit a nice steady one. 

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How do you get to compete in the Tour de France?

Have you ever wondered how the riders get to ride in the most prestigious race in the world? How do they get in these races? Do you have to qualify? Do you have to win certain races? Do you have to apply to World Tour teams? Do you have to be a certain speed? How do you get into it?

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What do the Tour De France riders eat and drink

It may enter your head how nice it must be for a Tour de France rider to be able to eat so much food?! Imagine all those calories you can consume withour getting fat? Well this may not be as enjoyable as you think.

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Why is the Tour De France so hard?

It is hard to believe but The Tour de France isn't half as hard as it used to be when it first began in 1903. Riders would ride all day and all night, but, as you can imagine this faced major issues and so as time went on the Tour de France evolved making it what it is today and still proving to be the hardest bike race in the world. But what makes it so hard? What makes it different to any other race in the world?

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Le Tour - Fun and mindblowing facts.

If you want your mind blown with some of the most craziest facts you will ever read then look no further! We have come up with some of the most obscure and crazy facts that will get the conversations going on your local club run.

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The Bridesmaid of the Tour – Raymond Poulidor

Poulidor was picked by the Mercier-BP-Hutchinson professional racing team as a direct rival for Jacques Anquetil in 1959. Read about his journey here!

2017-06-18 09:00:32By Chris Green


La Course by Le Tour de France: The Women's Race

thousands of spectators on the 24th July when the Tour de France takes its final bow for 2016. Running parallel to the Tour finale, however, is the 3rd edition of La Course, the prestigious women’s race. Read more about it here.

2016-07-24 09:00:18By Elizabeth Demetriou


Snapshot of Stage 20 of the Tour de France

Morzine will host the finish of the penultimate stage of the Tour. Read more about the picturesque destination of stage 20 of the Tour de France.

2016-07-22 15:40:14By Elizabeth Demetriou