The 10 Best Road Bike Upgrades

Road bike upgrades can help to improve the performance and appearance of your bike. There are lots of inexpensive upgrades you can make such as adding new bottle cages, a Garmin mount or chain catcher to give your bike that 'pro' aesthetic.

2018-08-08 12:05:03By Tom Bracegirdle


The 10 Best Road Bike Saddles for a Comfortable Ride

Find our list of 10 of the best road bike saddles for comfort & performance on the bike. Whether you're riding for hours or a short sprint, there's plenty.

2018-03-11 15:20:37By Tom Bracegirdle


6 of the Best Upgrades for under £200

Upgrades are components on your bike that you can change to make the biggest performance gains and the best way to make your bike better without buying a whole new bike! But what classes as an upgrade? Lighter, more aerodynamic stiffer components class as upgrades as they can help in making your bike faster and more competitive. So where do you start? And how do you get great upgrades for under £200?

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Don't Miss: Top 10 Black Friday Deals on Bike Components

The best Black Friday deals on components are here at ProBikeKit! This is the best time to upgrade your bike ahead of the New Year and the brand new 2017 cycling season.

2017-07-20 12:00:31By ProBikeKit


Noisy bike: Where is the noise coming from?

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How To Upgrade a Groupset without Spending a Fortune

If you cant quite splash out on the new shimano 9100 dura ace groupset or the new Sram eTap groupset just yet, then follow our ways that we've come up with so you can upgrade a groupset for less!

2016-11-17 11:50:51By


How to find the correct saddle height

How to find the correct saddle height easily without having to pay for a professional bike fit.

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ISM PN1.1 Saddle Review

Our very own PBK team rider, Aaron, takes the ISM PN1.1 saddle to the test - after feeling a little apprehensive about testing because he is used to Fizik, Aaron made the switch to ISM saddles. Read more about what swayed his mind here.

2016-08-30 10:44:23By Aaron Hemsley


New In: Prologo Saddles 2016

Prologo - your own perfect Saddle. Prologo Saddles have supported many world champions in more ways than one and you could say literally!

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Spring Clean your Bike

It's officially the start of Spring, so whilst some house cleaning may be in order, giving your bike a Spring clean is more important of course! And with all of our amazing offers here at ProBikeKit, it will be hard not to get your bike on board with the Spring cleaning spree this season.

2016-03-15 14:30:28By Elizabeth Demetriou