How Often Should I Train: By Olympic Medalist Bryan Steel

Some riders like a day off just to have a day away from the sport, which can be good for them, but in most cases, I have found that riders on a recovery ride would ride too hard. Even when racing I was able to produce some very fast times but I found the skill was to do this at the right time and going easy is a massive skill also.

2017-06-09 10:40:37By Bryan Steel


How to Change an Inner Tube: 10 Simple Steps

There are two solutions to a flat tyre. You can either patch it up in the workshop, or you can simply change and replace your inner tube. The latter is much quicker and easier, especially if you need a fix mid-ride!

2017-04-07 10:43:03By Elizabeth Demetriou


Noisy bike: Where is the noise coming from?

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When to change your bike tyres

At the risk of stating the obvious, without tyres your bike simply does not run! No matter what tech bling you have on it and how light you have managed to get it. Even £1000 wheels don't run without tyres on them. So you could say it is quite important to make sure your tyres are in good condition and do the job

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8 Tips on How to Ride in a Group

So you are a keen cyclist and are now looking to take part in your first race, join a club or attend a local reliability ride, but are nervous about the amount of riders that will be around you you may want a few tips and pointers on how you the etiquette of the cycling world.

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How to get Fit Quick on the Bike

No big changes, no drastic moves, or revamping yourself. No master plans or hundreds of pounds in gym membership. Just try a few simple easy techniques to improve you strength and fitness the cheat way.

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How to Improve your Fitness with Cycling

Cycling does wonders for your overall fitness. You can use it as part of cross-training for another sport like running or swimming, or as a complete beginner to improving your fitness - it's the perfect alternative.

2016-12-23 13:42:09By Elizabeth Demetriou


How to find the correct saddle height

How to find the correct saddle height easily without having to pay for a professional bike fit.

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How to carry speed in Cyclo-cross

Carrying speed is one of those the techniques that if often overlooked. It requires practice. The main parts in which you can lose a lot of speed is either in short sharp climbs, corners and features such as steps and obstacles. We have broken these techniques into small bite size bits for you so you can use these in a real life situations.

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What is Cadence in Cycling?

Cadence is how fast your legs turn per minute, or how many revolutions of the crank arms per minute and can vary quite significantly between individuals. Read on for an explanation of what cadence is and how to get the right cadence for yourself on the bike!

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