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Tacx Neo Smart Trainer Review

Tacx Neo Smart Trainer Review

On the 1st Feb, I attended The Bike Place Show at Silverstone and was lucky enough to have a go on a Tacx Neo Smart Trainer – with it being top of the range it was something I’ve never tried before, so it was quite exciting.

Being in the middle of a packed out bike show I wasn’t ready to break a sweat, but I hopped on regardless, wearing my jeans, trainers and a jumper.

My expectations were exceeded within minutes to say the least – I thought it would be unrealistic, loud and uncomfortable. For those of you like myself who have never ridden a turbo trainer before, the easiest way for me to describe this to you is that it’s like a treadmill but more interactive and for cycling.

Tacx Neo Smart Trainer

Tacx interactive trainers have capabilities that allow them to interact with apps and different types of software that mean you can record your sessions and control resistance to tailor to your needs whether it be a sustained hill effort or interval sessions that you’re after. The Tacx Neo Smart Trainer is undoubtedly one of the best around.

I rode the Neo Smart for around 5-10 minutes, and as you can see from the image above, there is no rear wheel because it’s a direct drive trainer. What’s good about this? Well, firstly your own cassette is permanently fitted onto the trainer giving you the freedom to simply pop your bike onto the trainer eliminating the wear and tear on your own wheel, tyre and cassette.


Riding on the Neo Smart is very smooth with little vibrations; one of the big key features Tacx has nailed down to a T is the wobbling axle. It is confidently stable allowing you the ability to perform to your maximum potential without having to worry about any imbalances. This brings the static trainer to ‘life’ and creates a very ‘real’ feeling. I first thought that the ride would be rigid and more of a ‘forced’ wobble, but a couple of spins and change of gear on the bike soon made me feel natural on the trainer. Team this feature along with the interactive software and it’s like you are riding, well, wherever you want to be.


Riding an interactive Tacx gives you the ability to connect to apps such as Zwift which makes it as realistic as possible. Simply download the app and choose a destination! For the more serious athletes, don’t forget to tune into the online races where all the action happens. The Tacx Neo Turbo Trainer also has a descent simulation to -5% meaning that you can freewheel down a decent for an even more realistic experience. This also works the other way up to a slope of 25%. Yes, ouch indeed. For more information, read our guide to Zwift and the possibilities that you can reach here:


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Learn more about the new Zwift virtual racing experience - we are here to explain and help you get on the virtual racing and tailored cycling experience. There really is no excuse now!

2016-01-22 17:45:34By Heidi Anderson

Noise and Size

Being the quietest turbo trainer in the business, you can ride the Neo Smart at any time of day without disturbing your neighbours! The Tacx Neo Smart Trainer is very compact, simple to set up, transport and store. You can take it anywhere with you as it is effortless to fold up and bundle in the back of your car. It is equally as easy to store away in a cupboard if you have limited space to work with at home and its set up is especially useful if this is the case as you can do it in a matter of a few minutes!

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Elizabeth Demetriou

Elizabeth Demetriou


I'm a runner at heart but since shin splints became a big part of my life, I turned to cycling as a form of cross training. I love riding track and am a regular on the Manchester velodrome; on the road I ride a Trek Lexa and I call it Toby.

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