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Christmas Gifts for Cyclists

That time of year is almost here again – the endless mince pies, a bit too much brandy on the cake, all the specials on TV, it could only be Christmas! We’ve put together a Christmas guide for cyclists that will help you find that ideal present for your loved ones or even a little something for yourself! From stocking fillers and gadgets to jackets for him and jerseys for her, our guide will help you find the perfect Christmas gift.

Christmas Gifts for Cyclists:

  1. Stocking Fillers

    There are many staple Christmas gifts for the stocking by the fireplace that any cyclist will be delighted to open. We’ve got some great little stocking fillers that are affordable and useful.

    An important part of your bike is the lights – they ensure safety, especially when riding in the dark.  With our range, we have lights available at a whole range of prices, from under £10 to in the £100’s – we can guarantee the quality of them all.

    A very handy bike multi-tool fits perfectly as a small gift in the stocking, yet comes with so many uses that every cyclist will need!

    Another very practical gift for cyclists is an inner tube. Every cyclist will need an inner tube at some point in the year – this gift will be hugely appreciated!

    Ok so it’s not the most exciting stocking filler but we all need to change our cleats from time to time. Next time your friend or family member’s cleats wear out they won’t have to panic and buy some more because they’ll have a nice little surplus thanks to you!

    Cycling caps have a variety of uses and are extremely stylish. We’ve got a great selection of caps and other headwear to put in your loved one’s stocking this Christmas.

  2. Essentials

    Replacing components on your bike that are worn out can be a nuisance, but having those parts at the ready makes the job a lot easier. Some essential bike parts need replacing a few times a year and can be the ideal Christmas gifts for cyclists.

    A fresh set of tyres for the new year will really improve your loved ones ride. Increased grip, less risk of punctures and an improvement in speed are all sure to put a smile on their face. We’ve got an extensive range of road tyres including the extremely popular Vittoria Corsa G+ clincher.

    Chains have a huge effect on performance and affect the durability of the rest of your drivetrain. We’re all guilty of putting off replacing an old chain at some point. Christmas is a great time to replace your chain ahead of the spring to ensure your bike is performing at it’s best.

    Nobody likes having worn out, dirty handlebar tape, it’s not nice to look at either! Get some new tape for that friend of yours who’s been riding around on torn, grey handlebar tape for months.

    Saddlebags are perfect Christmas gifts, the velcro straps and zips can become worn out over time, especially at this time of year. If you’ve bought someone some new inner tubes and a multi-tool then why not get them a new saddle bag to store them in!

  3. Gadgets

    Everybody loves getting a new gadget, especially at Christmas. We’ve got some brilliant prices on some cutting-edge gadgets that will make this Christmas one to remember!

    These are particularly useful for the keen cyclists among us that enjoy tracking and analysing their rides in order to build on them and grow performance. A bike mount for your cycling computer can really clean up your cockpit. They’re inexpensive and make a great little gift.

    Quite a prestigious gift is a sports camera – top quality, high definition photographs produced when using one. This will be an expensive toy for your loved one to play around with and utilise on their rides.

    Headphones are an essential when training indoors on the turbo or at the gym. Listen to your favourite songs, get pumped and train hard!

  4. Clothing Gifts for Him

    We have plenty of cycling clothing that will make the perfect Christmas gift for him. Whether you’re after a stocking filler or something a little bigger and better, we have tonnes to choose from.

    Santini makes some super stylish clothing including the La Vuelta, Bergamo and Il Lombardia collections. The La Vuelta collection in particular features some stunning jerseys that make perfect gifts for cyclists.

    Gloves and overshoes are essential pieces of cycling clothing for keeping your body temperature up. Giving a new pair of gloves and/or overshoes to a loved one will massively improve their riding experience and keep their shoes clean!

    Sadly, Christmas doesn’t mark the end of the winter months. There’s still plenty of cold wet riding to be done but a new winter cycling jersey or jacket will make going out in bad weather much more enjoyable and comfortable.

    Socks! I know what you’re thinking; “Everybody gives socks at Christmas”. But you can never have enough cycling socks and pulling on a fresh pair before a ride makes heading out the door that much sweeter.

  5. Clothing Gifts for Her

    We’ve got an extensive women’s clothing range at ProBikeKit. From jerseys and jackets to bib tights and socks, you’ll be sure to find the perfect clothing gift for her this Christmas.

    Our range of women’s jerseys from the likes of Nalini, Sportful, Castelli and Santini are aesthetically stunning, feature high-tech fabrics and offer a range of performance benefits. They’re the perfect way to show that loved one just how much you care about them.

    Santini has just released their new AW17 collection and it features a number of women’s bib tights that will make a great gift, especially at this time of year when the weather can be anything but pleasant!

    A number of our best-selling socks are unisex so they’re a great gift for both men and women this Christmas, either as a main gift or a stocking filler.

    Women’s jackets are tailored to fit snuggly and keep those elements at bay. We’ve got a great selection of jackets that don’t just look great but also perform extremely well in even the toughest of cycling conditions. Your loved one will thank you for this one next time they’re out and the weather takes a turn.

Check out our full range of Christmas-related items and buy the perfect cycling gift today!

Tom Bracegirdle

Tom Bracegirdle


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