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5 Best Mountain Bike Pedals

When looking to buy pedals for mountain biking there are so many things to consider. Do you want flats, do you want clips, dual sided or egg beaters? Choosing a pedal can depend on what type of mountain biking you do and ensuring you are getting the best from your pedal. We will discuss the different varieties and what the best mountain bike pedals there are on the market. Oh and don’t forget cyclo-cross!

Which pedal is best?

Are you a downhiller, freerider, XC racer or trail shredder? All these different types of disciplines require different pedals. Believe it or not, a pedal can really enhance your performance. So it is important you have the right one. For instance, you don’t want to be using a flat DMR V12 type pedal if you are an elite xc racer or Cyclocross rider.

Recommended MTB Pedals:

  1. DMR Vault Pedal 9/16
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    DMR Vault Pedal 9/16" - Chrome

    These pedals are designed for MTB riders who want a bigger platform for riding over large jumps and drop offs. A pedal like this one gives the rider a larger surface area for more stability. When riding fast downhill and chucking the bike into berms, it’s handy to be able to put your foot out or ‘dab’ for extra control when need be. If a rider doing this kind of riding was ‘clipped’ in then this would not be possible and make this type of riding more challenging.

    • Large
    • Light
    • Slim
    • Tough
    • Tunable
    • Stylish
    • Serviceable
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  2. DMR V-Twin Pedal
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    DMR V-Twin Pedal

    This pedal is designed for the serious trail riders and gravity enduro type riders who likes to have fun but aren’t riding the extreme downhill terrain. This pedal is designed to give the rider stability and confidence in riding the tough stuff but also having the benefit of riding uphill and pedalling over technical obstacles.  Features include:

    • Large flat platform area
    • SPD compatible design
    • Nylon ‘bumper’ design
    • Serviceable Bearing System
    • Anodised coloured finish
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  3. Shimano M540 SPD Pedals
    £41.99 Buy now with Probikekit

    Shimano M540 SPD Pedals

    The Shimano M450 SPD pedals are a favourite amongst the xc racer, trail riders and cyclo cross racers. They give the rider ultimate support and security over rough technical terrain whilst giving enough flexibility to clip out in emergencies. They ensure the rider can get their power transferred through the pedal to give them an edge on the competition. The float is adjustable so it can be set to the rider’s preference. Key features:


    • Stable platform
    • Can be used with any type of SPD shoe
    • Provides optimum support for your foot
    • Mud-repelling design makes them ideal for year round use
    • Cr-Mo spindle and low maintenance sealed cartridge bearing axle
    • Cleat tension adjustment
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  4. Look S-Track Carbon TI MTB Pedals
    £154.99 Buy now with Probikekit

    Look S-Track Carbon TI MTB Pedals

    The Look S-Track Carbon MTB pedals have the largest bearing surface on the market, making them ideal for maximum power transfer. They are compact, lightweight and have a caged design which gives added flexibility. This pedal is for the serious XC Racer who needs to be secure in the pedal when riding up and over technical terrain. This pedal helps keep the riders foot in position when they need to be transferring power at critical points. Key features include:

    • Compact and light
    • 460mm squared of surface area
    • Injected carbon body and deflectors
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  5. £50.09 Buy now with Probikekit

    DMR V12 Magnesium Flat Pedal - 9/16"

    The V12. These MTB pedals don’t need much introduction really. These are known as the big hitters of the downhill world. These are the pedals to have if you want the ultimate performance in downhill pedals. Used by pros such as Brendan Fairclough you can be sure they are going to give you the confidence you need. They have 10% more surface area than the classic shape. This means that they provide a much better grip and support, coming in handy for those rougher more technical conditions. Features include:

    • Large platform area
    • Lower profile
    • Lightweight
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