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Top 5 Winter Cycling Gloves to Get Your Hands Into this Winter

When riding in the winter, there’s nothing worse than losing the feeling in your fingers. Even trying to undo a zip or shift gears can become the hardest of tasks.  You’ll often find that if your hands get cold your whole body starts to feel the chill. That’s why it’s so important to have a good pair of winter cycling gloves.

Each rider likes a certain type of glove and purchasing the wrong pair can be an expensive mistake. Too thick or bulky and you can’t feel the levers properly. Too thin and the cold can get through on descents. A poor closure system around the wrist and water can seep in. Choosing a glove that suits your needs and is well constructed is crucial. We’ve got our hands on some of the best gloves on the market and put a list together of our favourites to save you scrolling through page after page of options.

Winter days are the best days.

No one wants to be put off winter cycling because of the cold. Winter rides can be some of the best of the year, especially when you’re out in good company. We’ve selected five of the best cycling gloves out there to help you maximize your cycling experiences in the coming months…

The Top 5 Winter Cycling Gloves

  1. Sportful Sotto Zero Gloves
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    Sportful Sotto Zero Gloves

    Product description – Extra-warm insulated cycling gloves for your coldest winter rides – ideal for very low temperatures and bad weather such as rain, hail, wind, and even snow. The inner features a fleece-lining which is soft to the touch while a wind and water resistant outer keep any nasty elements at bay. A velcro closure ensures a tight seal around your wrist which stops any wind or rain getting inside the glove.

    Review – Unlike many winter cycling gloves designed for the harshest of days the Sotto Zero looks stunning.  The grip pattern is superb and smartphone compatible fingertips are a handy feature. The palm doesn’t feel bulky which means you can feel the hoods nicely, giving you total control whilst also giving plenty of protection at the same time.

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  2. SealSkinz All Weather XP Cycle Gloves - Black/Black
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    SealSkinz All Weather XP Cycle Gloves - Black/Black

    Product description – These are all-weather gloves designed to enhance your cycling performance in all weather conditions. They’re constructed with pressure point padding and box fingers to improve dexterity and comfort. The All Weather XP Cycle Gloves are also fully windproof and waterproof.

    Review – Perfect for those of you who really suffer from cold hands on horrible days. The cuff is particularly long which I like as you can place it either over or under your jacket sleeve. Touchscreen materials on the index fingers and thumbs mean you don’t have to take the gloves off to use your cycle computer or phone when out in the cold!

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  3. Castelli Lightness Gloves
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    Castelli Lightness Gloves

    Product Description – A favourite among the pros at Team Sky, the Lightness Glove from Castelli is designed to be used on slightly warmer winter days or when training at a high intensity. They feature a single layer of Termoflex fleece fabric and are small enough to pack into your pockets should you want to take them off mid-ride.

    Review – The Lightness is a great winter glove that will keep you protected in a wide range of temperature conditions. They’re not designed for the darkest, coldest days in winter but they are ideal for those chilly ones when the sun is shining. Thick winter cycling gloves are great for long, steady rides in poor conditions but they can be too warm for mild days or if you’re training hard. Having a thin pair of winter gloves in your wardrobe is definitely worthwhile.

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  4. Sportful Neoprene Gloves - Black
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    Sportful Neoprene Gloves - Black

    Product description – The Sportful Neoprene is one of our bestselling wet weather winter cycling gloves. They’re the ideal glove for riding in the rain since they keep your hands warm even when wet. A seam-sealed construction and high cuff provide great insulation properties.

    Review – Neoprene gloves are designed to excel when wet but that doesn’t mean they won’t keep your hands warm in dry conditions too. After many miles of use, we found these gloves to be both comfortable and durable in a range of weather conditions.

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  5. Castelli Corridore Gloves
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    Castelli Corridore Gloves

    Product description – A thin, knitted gloved designed to keep your hands warm when cycling in cool conditions. Touchscreen fingertips make it possible to operate your smartphone without exposing your hands to the cold air. A silicone grip pattern on the palm is designed to improve grip and a high-stretch cuff makes the gloves easy to get on and off.

    Review – The Corridore isn’t as thick as some of Castelli’s other winter gloves and is designed for those ‘cool’ winter days. The overall quality is superb, as you’d expect from Castelli. Grip on the handlebars is second to none thanks to the all-over silicone grip pattern. In the Corridore your hands will remain warm but not overheat and at just 68 grams you’ll hardly even notice you’re wearing them.

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Tom Bracegirdle

Tom Bracegirdle


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