For many the podium girls of the Tour de France are reason enough to tune in to watch the highlights of the French Grand Tour. For many of the riders it may also be one of the highlights that makes the soul crushing kms covered during the race just that little more bearable.

The Tour de France podium girl application process receives over 500 applicants every year with 50 girls being brought in for an interview. 4 lucky girls are then selected to present one of the 4 coloured leader’s jerseys.

Podium girls are forbidden from getting too close to the riders other than a kiss on the cheek. Although, this hasn’t always happened in past. In 2003 a podium girl was fired for going beyond the kiss on the cheek rule. After presenting the leaders jersey to George Hincapie, the podium girl received a note off the American rider which eventually led to the pair getting married.

Here we take a look at the best podium girl action so far.


So there you have the pick of the bunch from this year’s Tour de France podium girls. Any particular favourites? Or do you think podium girls are an outdated tradition? Let us know in the comments section below.


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