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Team ProBikeKit Finland - Leader of the pack

Team ProBikeKit Finland - Leader of the pack


Hello from Finland!

 I have had a bit of a difficult season start, but finally now everything seems to be OK. Little knee and flu problems still keeps me on my toes. Anyway, lets start this blog on more positive side. Weather is getting warmer and the whole teams spirit is rising after very good team training sessions. Temperatures are now at 15 degrees every day and it feels great not to wear those leg warmers anymore. Strong and chilly wind is still there so PBKs gillet remains as a must wear in to that headwind.

Because of my knee problem I have not been able to collect those important road miles so much. It is an old injury on my right knee due to overstress. It first stroke me in winter 2004 and lasted till early spring. Injury didn´t mess the whole summer then so I am very optimistic that the knee would also heal for this summer and I could start training and racing soon. Winter training went really well. Lots of mountain biking and that all important gym training. I have now a good and solid base to build on my condition so this little setback wont ruin the whole season. I just have to be careful. The hardest thing is just to rest and keep it low. I would like to do those hard training rides with rest of the team already but I have to be patient so that I wont put my main goals for the season in danger. I hope that next time I have better news for you guys and more of those road miles behind me. I will try to keep my mind on the brighter things and learn from these difficulties.

Have a great time on the saddle!

Tuomas Lampainen

PBK-Finland rider

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