Garmin Dakota 20 – PBK Price £251.99

Garmin Dakota
We’re big fans of Garmin Edge models, but the new 500 wasn’t ready to test. The more “outdoorsy” Dakota, though, impressed. A world map world showing most major roads is pre-installed but more detailed maps are around £120. There’s postcode and street name/house number navigation (it calculates routes using your profile preferences) like an in-car system, and yet it has all the features you would expect from a GPS built for the great outdoors. The small and quite low resolution display is perfectly adequate for a system this small and light, although at times we wished the backlight was a little brighter. The touchscreen works well and can be used when wearing gloves if you’re careful, but because it’s recessed, it becomes a small puddle in the rain, although it still functioned fine. The Dakota 20 can be used with a speed/cadence sensorimages and a heart rate monitor strap for detailed performance analysis.
Small, neat, and easy to use. A versatile and rugged all-rounder.

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