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Team ProBikeKit Finland - Final Lap

Team ProBikeKit Finland - Final Lap

Best greetings to ya all!

Boy has it been a season for me this far; the whole winter I was sick with a flu, my back has been killing me since last January and now I have had nasty hemorrhoids for a few weeks time. It really starts to tick me off, not to be able to ride with full throttle. Good thing though is that studies at University have ended for a few months and I can now concentrate myself on riding the bike. I have also opened my racing season with couple of races on the track and on the road. From track (team sprint) we got also our teams first win. The most competitive rival teams were not at the start line but we got official time from it and sow our teams early season level.  And hey, win is always a win! I have a long waited new frame for this season; Cervelo R3. No need to say that I am very pleased how the bike handles itself. It is very fast in corners and sprinting with it goes very smoothly. I think that the frame has increased my top speed by 5km/h, at least! I rode last race with Easton wheels and the bike almost flew on the road. I had a stupid grin on my face the whole race.  I am very happy how our team has rode the first races. Because my condition is still far from my best peak, boys have been practicing to control the bunch and doing a good lead out.

I have now slowly begin to ride longer rides and test how long I can sit without pain. Luckily it seems that the worst is now over and I really can start to push myself to limit in upcoming weeks.

I have heard that in England you have very big cycling event coming up. I wish that next year me and the boys are also there at the bikeradar live event! Good luck to all the contenders, have a good one!


Matti Suominen

Team PBK-Finland rider

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